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Advanced IOC Beyond Constructor Injection

Page history last edited by johnteague 11 years, 11 months ago

We started with a discussion on different ways we can use IOC containers, what types of problems do they help.  We also talked about ways to make using containers easier.  This was mainly focusing around using conventions to ease the configuration pains.  Some of the things we talked about where contianers help include:


  • Alternative Deployment Models
  • Building Rules Engines
  • Allowing for variablility in behavior in multi-tenant applications
  • Dynamic AOP, choosing interceptors at runtime
  • Using a Domain Context object to wrap Service Location to keep with the Domain Ubiquitious Language.
  • Validation Engine implementations
  • Command Pattern implementations


At the end of the session, the conversation went off topic.  We started talking about reducing technical debt and how to gain the trust of business owners.  It could be worthwhile to discuss these topics further.

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