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Activity Modeling

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UX (User Experience) Design
Non-Directed Interviewing
Activity Models
 - Structure
 - Visualization
Book Recommendations:
The Inmates are Running the Asylum
Design of Everyday Things
About Face
Don't Make Me Think
Two Approaches in UX:
P.E.T. - Persuasion, Emotion, Trust
Usability - does the UI meet expectations, follow the mental model (not implementation model)?

(UX does not equal graphic design. Think about _who_ the application is for, the business it enables.) 



1. Activity Theory: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Activity_theory

2. Mental Model: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_model


Text overview of the graphic:

Personas lead to

Product Features and Principles, which guide

Non-Directed Interviews, which generate

Activity Models, which combine with Personas to build

User Stories. 

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